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11.09.2015 – Giants of the deep… whales ahead!

11.09.2015 – Giants of the deep… whales ahead!

Astrid’s impressions: This morning our spotters told us: whales ahead. Two species at the same time. Thats how a exciting day at sea started. The two tooth-whales species are able to sea the year around in the waters of Madeira. Pilot- and Spermwhales. Both are champions in deep diving, at which the Spermwhale is beating all records. He can hold his breath for about 45-60 minutes and can dive up to 1000 m depth. Both species feed on cephalopods like squid and other tasty prey. On our morning and midday tour we managed to get close to this giants of the deep and could see their blows and their flukes when diving. Also the smaller Pilotwhales allowed us to approach. We observed them and their calfs while resting at the surface and travelling slowly to the east direction.

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

9.00: Pilotwhales; Spermwhales

13.30: Pilotwhales


12.00: Pilotwhales; Spermwhales

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