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11.08.2017 – Conjunction of the evil spirits

11.08.2017 – Conjunction of the evil spirits

You might have read the blog from yesterday “Thank you India”, which was a very nice example what’s possible if somebody is pro-marine mammals. An extremely inhumane example is the Faroe Islands, where every summer lots of big mass slaughtering’s of Pilot whales takes place. For local people it is a happy, social event. As soon as the killer season on Faroe Islands finally stops, the huge slaughter hunt in the little bay in Taiji/Japan starts. Both places (Taiji kills as well other marine mammals) are killing Pilot whales in mass. When does it end? When do these “humans” human? When these both places, where the worse, the ill, the barbarous, the disgusting happens, lump together, someone can call it conjunction of the evil spirits! Taiji/Japan and Klaksvik/ Faroe now want to establish a sister city relationship to strengthen their position against anti-whaling groups and whaling opponents. This is a demonstration of destructive power!


Today we had during various trips wonderful encounters with these impressive Pilot whales. When they slid through the blue next to the boat, someone cannot imagine how these slaughterers can see the same and still do what they do.

Please support these animals and sign our petitions under the rubric “Marine protection”.

Thank you to Marlene, who indicated this subject to me.

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

13.30: Pilot whales


09.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins

12.00: Pilot whales

15.30: Pilot whales


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