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11.07.2017 – Eye in eye with the spermwhale

11.07.2017 – Eye in eye with the spermwhale

Today it was again a great day, and more over a particulary one too. Unique because you, our honoured guests, you were so enthusiastic and appreciated the sightings. That is always a great feedback also for us guides on board. Besides a successful snorkeling trip with Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella trip), the participants of the Ribeira Brava tour had luck and saw Spermwhales. “Biggest predator on sea – ahhh, that sounds so splashy and dangerous”… At least five whales were surfacing and travelling close together in an eastern direction. During the observation over sudden a Sperm changed its direction and draw near our boat. He lifted its head and looked at us for some moments. Magic moments. Then he swam back and joined its conspecifics.

Some of the Atlantic spotted dolphins were also special joyfull and showed us stunning jumps. Two jumps close by the Zodiac were extremely high. Not only the little french girls were cheering, the everyone was happy and impressed.

by Astrid Haas 

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

09.00: Sperm Whales, Common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Loggerhead turtle

12.00: Pilotwhales and Atlantic spotted dolphins

15.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Spermwhales, loggerhead turtle

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