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2013-07-10 (2)

Homo sapiens

Die heutigen Fahrten brachten uns zu Fleckendelfinen und Tümmlern. Ein Winzling war bei den Fleckis dabei und einer fuhr auf der Ribeira Brava mit, auf dem Foto aber ein schon sehr aufgewecktes Kind der Joshua, der so gut “delfin”reimen konnte 😉 Den 2 Kurzen wollten sich die Pottwale heute nicht zum Abschied zeigen, letzte Chance also morgen früh, Jasper würde sich sicher auch sehr freuen!!!

On todays trip we saw spotted dolphins and bottelnose dolphins. A little one was there too, and we also had a “little one” on board our “Ribeira Brava” named Joshua, he was a master making up “dolphin” rhymes 😉

Hoje vimos golfinhos pintados e roazes, com um pequenino, e a bordo da nossa “Ribeira Brava” também ia um pequenino, o Joshua, que sabia rimar muito bem 😉

2013-07-10 (10) 2013-07-10 (9) 2013-07-10 (5) 2013-07-10 (8) 2013-07-10 (7) 2013-07-10 (6)

Stenella frontalis

2013-07-10 (4) 2013-07-10 (3) 2013-07-10 (1) 2013-07-10

Tursiops truncatus


Stenella / Homo sapiens


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  1. Family Stone
    July 11, 2013

    This was an unforgettable experience; 30 – 40 dolphins including babies entertained us with their leaps and dives for almost 30 minutes. The crew were extremely knowledgeable and responsible towards the animals. We would recommend the trip on Ribeira Brava with Lobosonda to anyone.


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