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Larus michahellis

Heute 3 Fahrten, 9 Uhr Ribeira Brava Ausfahrt zu gemeinen Delfinen, 12 Uhr Stenella Ausfahrt zu gemeinen Delfinen und grossen Tümmlern und um 13.30 noch eine Ribeira Brava Ausfahrt zu gemeinen Delfinen, Fleckendelfinen und grossen Tümmlern. Anbei ein paar Impressionen der Ausfahrten bei Sonne und Bewölkung immer auf ruhigem Meer.

Today we had 3 trips, 9 o’clock with Ribeira Brava and we saw common dolphins, 12 0’clock trip with Stenella and we saw common and bottelnose dolphins and also a 13.30 0’clock trip with Ribeira Brava on wich we saw common dolphins, bottelnose dolphins and spotted dolphins. The weather changed from sunny to cloudy during the day, but the sea stayed calm all day long.

Hoje tivemos 3 viagens, a viagem das 9 foi com o Ribeira Brava e vimos golfinhos comuns, ao meio dia tivemos uma viagem com o Stenella e vimos golfinhos comuns e roazes, as 13.30 voltamos a ter uma viagem com o Ribeira Brava e vimos golfinhos comuns, gofinhos pintados e roazes. Durante o dia o sol cedeu as nuvens mas o mar manteve se sempre calmo.

SONY DSC 2013-06-10-D.d.  0245222013-06-10 SONY DSC 2013-06-10-D.d.  0245232013-06-10 SONY DSC

Delphinus delphis

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Tursiops truncatus


Stenella frontales


Larus michahellis

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