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10.07.17- Eye to eye

10.07.17- Eye to eye

The day started off brilliantly this morning with an eventful snorkeling tour on the Stenella. First, we came across an extremely curious group of Atlantic spotted dolphins that lead to a VERY close encounter with our guests. Many of the participants were able to maintain eye contact with a number of the animals, making the experience even more special. Upon reentering the vessel, we spotted a group of bottlenose dolphins before meeting yet another group of spotted dolphins which were almost as inquisitive as the first.

During the course of the day, the conditions out at sea became slightly windy and the spotting of the animals more challenging. Nevertheless, the guests on the afternoon Stenella trip were able to observe a large group of of bottlenose dolphins which were later joined by more Atlantic dolphins bowriding the vessels waves. The animals then carefully approached the flanks of the boat and we were able to spot a young calf playfully gliding near its mother in the water.

by Paula Thake

Todays Sightings:

Ribeira Brava:

9:00 Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins

17:00 Atlantic spotted dolphins, Striped dolphins


9:00 (Snorkelling) Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins

15:30 Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins

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