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10.03.2017 – Invasion of floating terror

10.03.2017 – Invasion of floating terror

This is a marine hydrozoan, our first sighting of the day was a very frequent one at this time of the year. A large number of Physalia physalis, were floating just outside of Calheta´s harbor and due to the strong SE winds from the past days they have drifted closer to shore. In some cases, while people are swimming, they are stung by these animals which by the way was one of our guests on board. These stings often leave scars, the best treatment at first is to spill vinegar or some sort of acid that neutralises the effect and afterwards a skin cream that moisturises and protects the skin from further infection. Also one advice that often comes in handy, is like in all cases, when you go to the beach first evaluate the weather conditions and of course look to the shore line for potential dangers, specially if children are nearby.

by Daniel Jardim

Todays Sightings:


10.00: Common dolphins

Ribeira Brava

15.00: Spotted dolphins

Obs. The picture of the Portuguese Man O’war is from a previous trip 

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