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10.03.2016 – Good to be back

10.03.2016 – Good to be back

Today, our oldtimer and former fishing vessel, Ribeira Brava, had her first tour in 2016. During the winter months, she was in the drydock and was completely maintained by Rafael. During the morning trip, both boats could observe Common dolphins and even razor-backs. This baleen-whales are the second largest (after the bluewhale) animals on our planet. They can measure up to 27 meters and are still very threatend of extinction (listed on the Red List).

During the afternoon trip with Stenella, we were lucky again and were able to observe a little school of Common dolphins, while they were socializing. Later, we saw bottlenose dolphins, heading west. We also could see a blueshark, unfortunatelly a dead one. Probably captured as bycatch, he lost his life and was hooked by local fishermen. Bluesharks are -like other big sharkspecies- important for the balance of the marine ecosystem. Many big sharksspecies stocks are overfished and are listed on the red list. Personally for me, today was also a special one. After some months of winter-break in Germany, I am now back on the Ocean, today for the first time this year. I am glad to be back in Madeira!

by Astrid Haas

Todays Sightings:

Ribeira Brava

10.00: Common dolphins, Fin whale


10.00: Common dolphins, Fin whale

14.30: Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins

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