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10.01.2017 – Sperm whales and Common dolphins

10.01.2017 – Sperm whales and Common dolphins

Sperm whales love eating squid! Male sperm whales dive up to 2,250 meters, and females up to around 1,100 meters to hunt. While hunting, it is often quite dark, because sunlight cannot penetrate the water to great depths. Sperm whales have several ways of finding squid in deep waters. When there is still some light, sperm whales can find squid silhouetted against the midwater. Sometimes squid produce bioluminescence when they move, which can help sperm whales to track their prey. Sperm whales themselves can also create a zone of stimulated bioluminescence around their mouth, to attract squids and other visual predators. And, of course, sperm whales rely heavily on their echolocation or sonar to navigate, find prey and hunt.

text by Judith Kok // guide on board Oliver Hoppe

P.S. Our beloved NIKON that has been taking all the amazing photos during the past years is taking a “rest”, we promise trying to fix “her” as soon as possible. While we can’t show you pictures of the beautiful animals, we’ll pick out some from our archives.

Todays sightings:


10.00: Common dolphins and Sperm whales

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