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1.5.2014 – HAPPY DAY


Grampus griseus

Heute nur zufriedene und interessierte Gäste, kein einziger seekranker trotz erschwerter Meeresbedingungen, und trotzdem Schildkröten und Rundkopfdelfine am Morgen und Grosse Tümmler, fliegende Fische und eine Galeere am Nachmittag.

Today we had lots of interessted and happy guests, nobody got sick even tough the sea was a bit rough, in the morning we saw turtles and Risso's dolphins and in the afternoon we saw bottlenose dolphins, flyingfish and portuguese man of war.

Hoje tivemos muitos clientes satisfeitos e felizes, ninguém enjoou apesar do mar estar um bocadinho agitado. De manhã vimos tartarugas e grampos e a tarde roazes, peixes voadores e uma caravela portuguesa.

DSC_3754 DSC_3752

Tursiops truncatus


Homo sapiens


DSC_3728 Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 20.32.07

Grampus griseus


Physalia physalis

DSC_3690 DSC_3688

Caretta caretta


Grampus griseus

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