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09.10.2017- So many animals, so little time

09.10.2017- So many animals, so little time

The thing about whale-watching is that every single tour is different; a new challenge, a new opportunity. Even within a handful of hours, the sightings can be completely different and this was once again evident today.

On the Stenella this morning we didn’t have to search far to and were surprised to see a Striped dolphin swimming alone close to the harbor. We assumed the young cetacean must have been sick as it was swimming very slowly and occasionally resting at the surface. After inspecting the animal we drove off to see a large Bryde’s whale in the company of her young calf before stumbling upon a large, playful pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins and a group of peaceful beaked whales. We had a birthday girl on board, who was undoubtedly delighted as was the crew.

My Ribeira Brava trip was just as eventful with yet another beaked whale and Bryde’s whale sighting followed closely by an encounter with a group of Bottlenose dolphins. The guests on deck were very interested in hearing about the biology of these animals making this pleasant trip even more gratifying. Meanwhile, further out at sea, our guests on the Stenella enjoyed one of the many spectacular Sperm Whale sightings this summer. A group of these gentle giants approached the vessel and were actively socializing in the water.

And so that was a wrap; the day was over much too quickly. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun.

By Paula Thake


Ribeira Brava

10:00 Bryde’s Whale

14:30 Bryde’s Whale, Blaineville’s beaked whales, Bottlenose dolphins


10:00 Striped dolphin, Bryde’s whale, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Blainville’s beaked whales

15:00 Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Sperm whales

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