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09.06.2017 – 007: “My name is Caretta. Caretta caretta.”

09.06.2017 – 007: “My name is Caretta. Caretta caretta.”

Who likes espionage? We do! Why? It always depends who does it and how! Do you know the telescopes from submarines? Today we had a telescope in the form of a Loggerhead turtle head checking us out. The James Bond under the Sea turtles approached the boat very curious and examined the bow of Ribeira Brava. And I am absolutely sure when she looked up to us, I heard her conspiratorial voice saying: “My name is Caretta. Caretta caretta.” So instead of shy (normal behavior of Loggerheads), we had today a spy! A great experience! The dolphins kept a low profile.

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava
17.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins

12.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins

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