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09.02.2016 – Cat-and-mouse game

09.02.2016 – Cat-and-mouse game

On todays tour we reencountered “old friends” after a short while. Two Bottlenose dolphins accompanied Stenella in a smooth and relaxed way. Our tour continued with a group of Pilot whales approaching us, they relaxed movements and being able to hear them breathing is a nice switch from the “vacation stress” from our guests 🙂

After our lucky trip on Monday, check our Blog from the 08.02.2016, our crew was very eager to have the same spectacular sighting. While searching for the Blue whale we went for the horizon. Our spotter had a very difficult job searching from a far distance on land, it was also hard for the crew on board. We did see some evidences that the whale was near by, even a guests saw something, but it seemed that we were always in the wrong spot. We suspect that the animals was searching for food, wich means that he only would stay on the surface for brief moments to dive, again, into the blue. Or maybe he just didn’t wanted to be found, who knows?

On our way back a happy group of Common dolphins made us company.

So we could happily return to the marina with some nice moments to remember.

by Oliver  Hoppe

Todays sightings:


15.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins, Pilot whales


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