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08.10.2016 – Matriarchal

08.10.2016 – Matriarchal
Today we had diverse sightings. While Atlantic Spotted dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins have a hierarchic social system, Pilot whales and Sperm whales live in a matriarchal structure. It is believed that females stay their entire life in the same social unit. Young Males aged between 15-21 associate in lose units, the so-called bachelor groups.
by Fatima Kutzschbach
Sightings of the day:
Ribeira Brava
10.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Sperm whale, Pilot whales
14.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Sperm whale
10.00: Sperm whales, Pilot whales, Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
15.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Sperm whales

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