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07.11.2016 – Return of the spotted dolphins

07.11.2016 – Return of the spotted dolphins

Now that winter is approaching, our famous summer dolphins – the Atlantic spotted dolphins – are slowly moving southwards to find warmer waters. During the summer months, rarely a day goes by without seeing them. But for the past few weeks, these playful dolphins were nowhere to be seen. Today we were surprised to find them again! They were swimming in our bowwave for a long time, and young and old were packed together in the bow to see them swimming with grace and great speed.

On the afternoon trip, Stenella saw several sea birds on the way back: a juvenile Gannet and a Cormoran (see pictures).

by Judith Kok

Todays sightings:

10.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins
15.00: Common dolphins

Ribeira Brava:
10.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins


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