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07.10.2017 – Goose bump factor

07.10.2017 – Goose bump factor

Often we get asked, when would be the best time of the day for whale watching. Morning, afternoon or evening? Well, if there would be really such a structure, then of course we could use it in our schedule. But the (marine) nature has its own rhythms and so every day is again very exciting and unique, not knowing which and what kind of species are going to be seen.

Today it was the morning offering us great encounters. Both boats had three species. The two big dolphin schools were hunting and performing fantastic jumps. Also the Tropical whales were hunting. One of them honoured us by circulating the Ribeira Brava for some moments. Before that, the puzzled guests could see a fish school, concentrated in a ball-shaped structure, passing by quickly under the surface. Trying to save themselves from greedy mouths.

Until the end of the trips, there were magic moments, one sighting turning into the next one. The show-stopper then was a baby whale, sticking its little head and a part of its upper body out of the water. This behaviour is called spyhoping. Obviously curious, the calf decided to have a look around and at us. Clearly we could see its pinkish-white skin of the throat. This spectacle he granted us several times. Goose bumps including.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:


10.00: Tropical whales, Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins

12.30: Tropical whales, Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins

15.30: Tropical whales and Atlantic spotted dolphins

Ribeira Brava

10.00: Tropical whales, Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins

15.00: Tropical whale


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