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07.09.2017 – First time for everything

07.09.2017 – First time for everything

Our day began with an eventful snorkeling tour and a lot of unexpected encounters! We searched for the usual dolphin species for our snorkeling tour, Atlantic spotted dolphins and Common dolphins, and we were surprised on the way by a Bryde’s whale (2 nautical miles off Jardim do Mar) before we approached a large pod of dolphins. The mixed pod consisted of our “Snorkeling-dolphins”; mainly Common dolphins hunting alongside Atlantic spotted dolphin. As we found the area where the two species were busy feeding, we soon discovered that we were in the company of yet another Bryde’s whale and its calf. We observed the whales for some minutes before snorkelling with the Common dolphins, who were particularly curious about our very cooperative guests today. It was a lovely encounter and an entertaining morning.

The tour on the Ribeira Brava took place with a group of very enthusiastic and interested guests on a wavy and windy Atlantic ocean, which helped temper the strong midday heat. The trip began with another Bryde’s whale sighting before we were pleasantly surprised by a breaching Sperm whale bull 5 miles of Paul do Mar. This was my first sighting of a breaching and I was overjoyed to see it performed by one of my most cherished cetaceans. The sighting proceeded with a younger animal swimming close to the boat for around 15 minutes and the cameras on board clicked away. The grand finale of our trip was a large group of Atlantic spotted dolphins who, as usual, never fail to charm our guests.

by Paula Thake


Ribeira Brava

13:30 Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bryde’s whale, Sperm whale


09:00 Common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bryde’s whale

12:00 Atlantic spotted dolphins, Rough-tooth dolphins, Bryde’s whale, Sperm whale

18:00 Atlantic spotted dolphins, Sperm whale

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