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07.07.2016 – Dangerous game

07.07.2016 – Dangerous game
Today during our second trip on the Ribeira Brava vessel we had a huge school of Bottlenose dolphins. These beautiful, powerful animals are very impressive. But unfortunately two animals in the group played with a blue plastic bag. First we saw the bag on the dorsal of one animal, another time the other dolphin took the bag with his beak and at one point one of them carried the bag with his tale or pectoral fin. For these animals it was a game, a very dangerous one! Plastic is a huge problem in our Oceans. Here´s a little reminder: in our Blog from the 8th of June 2016/World Ocean Day, we introduced you to many innovative projects trying to solve the PP (plastic problem). There are many interesting videos to see, check it out!
by Fatima Kutzschbach
Sightings of the day
Ribeira Brava
09.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins
13.30: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins
09.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins
15.30: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins

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