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07.01.2016 – Nice & cold

07.01.2016 – Nice & cold

Today the hole island was covered with clouds and even on the ocean there was no glimps of sun. Perhaps because of this it was so cold, or better expressed fresh, cause with 17 Degrees Celsius you can’t call it cold, right? And it was nice too, due to the sightings we had. First we observed, close to shore, a pod of resident Bottlenose dolphins, which were socializing and later, and much further out, the Stenella had been with 2 groups of Pilot whales. The first once active and swimming powerful and the second once (females and juveniles) in resting position laying at the surface. The Ribeira Brava didn’t see these second pod, but instead of they saw a Loggerhead turtle feeding on an octopus. Nice & a bit cold.

von Claudia Ramos Gomes

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava:

10.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Pilot whales

14.30: Common dolphins


10.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Pilot whales

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