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06.11.2016 – Whalelastic

06.11.2016 – Whalelastic
During winter time we are off on Sundays. But today we had an exception. In the morning our boat Ribeira Brava went out on the ocean. For this occasion Marlene, our colleague had a special wish for us: “A whalelastic trip!” A new word creation! And as wished so it turned out! It took long, but then it was fantastic. The first encounters with “our” Finback whale were brief, one time he was here and in the next over there. I just decided to wait one more time how he would react. If it would be possible to get in contact with him, great, but if not we would leave the area. But then it was whalelastic (presumably the word is derived from whale and fantastic)!! The young Finback whale emerged again and again directly next to Ribeira Brava and escorted us quite a while. Finbacks are the second biggest animals on our beautiful planet.  Even if this whales was not a grown up, he had assured we had a GREAT experience! How awesome! Thank you very much, dear guest for your beautiful thank you gift! Thank you, Marlene for your good wish and the perfect word for a perfect encounter! Really whalelastic!
by Fatima Kutzschbach
Sighting of the day:
Ribeira Brava
10.00: Finback whale

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