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06.09.2017 – Whale wish & dance of the dolphins

06.09.2017 – Whale wish & dance of the dolphins

If you book with us you normally hear we have more dolphin sightings BUT, sometimes, like today a whale wish comes true. We just left the harbor when we had the first sighting with a Tropical whale mom and calf. What an impressive experience! The spout of whale mommy steamed out quite powerful and her calf was always on her side. After a second encounter we drove to a mixed double! Common dolphins travelled together at a good pace with a Tropical whale. A few times the whale showed his rostrum and we could clearly see the three ridges on his head. The beautiful Common dolphins buzzed around the whale and around us, as well. But not enough we encountered Atlantic Spotted dolphins which were in jumping mood. All guests were absolute happy!

The evening trip started as well in a very surprising way. We were on our way to a sighting when the playful Rough-Toothed dolphins found us. And I have to say this was an encounter many guests will keep in their hearts (and me as well). These dolphins are the masters of synchronicity!  Three, four, five or more animals come up at once, all in common mode, all in harmony! In the evening sun their bodies were shiny like copper. And they played and dance around Ribeira Brava. The dance of the dolphins! Totally different was our next experience with the lively Atlantic Spotted dolphins. Yes, so out there it is always different, always amazing! Far away we saw the spout of a Baleen whale.

A day full of wonder, fantastic trips with incredible marine mammal encounters and great guests! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

13.30: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Tropical whale

17.00: Rough-Toothed dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins, unidentified Baleen whale


09.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins, Tropical whales

18.00: Rough-Toothed dolphins, Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Sei whale

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