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06.02.2019 – Sun and sea

06.02.2019 – Sun and sea

We took our chances on a choppy ocean this morning aboard our powerful zodiac. The wind and waves already made it difficult for our spotter to find animals but the ocean mist encircling the Southwest coast didn’t make his search any easier. The Stenella was heading west when our crew spotted possible animal activity near Jardim do Mar and we decided to scan the area completely, covering the highest amount of search area possible. This meant that the majority of our tour would be upwind, braving the swell and wind coming from the west but our guests were fully clad in water-proof clothing so we were ready for anything!

…And in our line of work, you truly must be ready for anything and nothing. Our tour unfortunately ended without a cetacean sighting but we managed to spot one of the first Cory’s Shearwaters (Calonectris borealis) on the ocean again, a sign that the populations of these emblematic birds may be returning to the island’s waters to meet their breeding partners before the season kicks off in May, stretching through the archipelago’s hot tropical summer. We hope for more Cory sightings in the next weeks and also hope to welcome some of our brave and lovely guests from this morning’s tour on board again in the future.

By Paula Thake

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