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Delphinus delphis

Heute wieder 2 Fahrten, aber bei ruhigerem Meer als vorgestern. Morgens sahen wir gemeine Delfine beim Fressen (siehe Fisch in der Schnauze), dann ganz kurz 3 Schnabelwale und später noch eine Menge Fleckendelfine. Nachmittags sahen wir nur Fleckendelfine, diese aber ausgiebig lange weil sie mit uns Richtung Westen schwammen.

Stenella frontalis (12:07)

Today we had two trips, with much more flat sea than the day before yesterday. In the morning we saw common dolphins feeding (look at the fish in its beak), then 3 beaked whales and later on a lot of atlantic spotted dolphins. In the afternoon we saw only atlantic spotted dolphins, but they stayed with us for a long time, while traveling to the west.

Stenella frontalis (15:21)

Hoje tivemos novamente duas viagens, mas com o mar mais calmo do que anteontem. De manha vimos golfinhos comuns em alimentação (veja o peixe na boca), depois 3 baleias de bico e mais tarde muitos golfinhos pintados. A tarde só vimos os golfinhos pintados, mas eles acompanharam o nosso barco para bastante tempo.

Stenella frontalis (12:05)

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