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05.10.2016 – Snorkelling with common dolphins

05.10.2016 – Snorkelling with common dolphins

Today we had our first trip in the water with the common dolphins. These dolphins love colder waters, and are normally only abundant around Madeira in the wintertime. During the summer months, there has been one group with babies that stayed near Madeira. As we regularly go  into the water with common dolphins in the winter, we tried it several times as well during the summer months… but unfortunately, every time without success.

This morning we got a call from our spotter informing us that an extraordinarily large group of common dolphins approached us. The Atlantic spotted dolphins that we normally snorkel with were nowhere to be seen yet. The skipper looked at me, said “shall we give it a try?”. I smiled at him with a definite “YES!”. And what a success it was! The dolphins were very playful and curious, even more so than the Atlantic spotted dolphins sometimes are. We could hear a large variety of sounds very loudly, even when the dolphins were far removed and not visible. This was a totally different experience! I think the common dolphins definitely deserve a new name; there is nothing common about these beautiful animals!

Big smiles on the faces of the guests, and also of the crew. A first successful snorkelling tour with the commons, let’s hope for many many more to come.

by Judith Kok

Todays sightings:


9.30: Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins

15.00: Common Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Ribeira Brava:

10.00: Common Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

14.30: Common Dolphins, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

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