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04.06.2017 – Pentecost at sea

04.06.2017 – Pentecost at sea

Pentecost sunday was celebrated in Calheta with a church service and a procession, which also came down to the Marina. There, the priest blessed all boats in the name of the Holy spirit. At this time, Ribeira Brava and her guests were already at sea. We went on an eastern course, as our Spotter later lead us towards a school of Striped dolphins (also called Blue-White Dolphins). They were moving very fast, hunting and performing spectacular jumps and splashes. Trying to feed on a school of fish or was it even squid? Sometimes, would be great being able to look underneath. Striped dolphins are a cosmopolitan species and prefer the open ocean as their habitat. Their coloration pattern is unique. A dark stripe on each bodyside, starting at the beak, framing the eyes, coming along at the bodyside and finishing near the fluke, is a main feature on this beautiful animals.

by Astrid Haas

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Ribeira Brava
13.30: Striped dolphins

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