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03.08.2019 – Little giants

03.08.2019 – Little giants

Beaked whales are always a delight and a puzzle. They keep their secrets well, stay low in the water, then dive deep and long. For us whale enthusiasts, these rare and mysterious puzzles are a wonderful game. As we studied the pictures today, trying to be sure of the sighting. We found not beaked whales like we suspected, but a group on pygmy sperm whales (Kogia breviceps) A smaller and much shyer version of a sperm-whale, but still a massive animal. Their blunt heads were out of the water just far enough for us to be sure. A wonderful treat and a mystery solved.

The other cetaceans we saw today were not so much of a puzzle, yet certainly a delight. Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) break the veil that is the water surface to show off their elegance and beauty right next to our boat, a person that has never seen a dolphin before, could see their spots, understand that it’s a spotted dolphin and identify them in a glance on a second encounter.

It is a good balance of flavours that makes a fine meal, just so does a good balance of whales make a fine trip. A bit of fun and a bit of a puzzle are a winning combination. With such incredible animals in our waters today, if was another beautiful day to be on little paradise of an island. We kept our eyes on the horizon, and it payed off for sure.

By Scott Dorssers

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Ribeira brava

10:00 Atlantic spotted dolphin, Pygmy sperm whale

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