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03.08.2017 – Larianna

03.08.2017 – Larianna

Today Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins and on one trip also Pilot whales made our guests happy. Surely the hope and the wish to see animals out in the wilderness are travelling with us, when we go out on the ocean. However it is always wonderful, surprising and unique how we gifted during these encounters. For me it is very touching to see our guests being enchanted by these experiences. Today I had a very special contact with the girl Larianna. From the deepest of her heart she said, that she loves the ocean. For Larianna it is absolutely clear, dolphins belong in the sea. She already asked her father what she can study to protect the ocean. What an impressive attitude from such a young person! I wish we will have more and more of those kids, whose goal it is to protect our beautiful planet. Go for it Larianna! I admire your attitude!

P.S. On our Ribeira Brava trip they saved a Loggerhead turtle. Well done!!

by Fatima Kutzschbach

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

17.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins


09.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins

12.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins, Pilot whales

18.00: Atlantic Spotted dolphins, Common dolphins

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