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03.04.2019 – Ocean’s 11

03.04.2019 – Ocean’s 11

Most of my blogs revolve around me being grateful for the encounters with the whales and dolphins we meet in the course of the day. Today I am thankful for the 11 guests that accompanied our crew on a rather difficult trip on the Ribeira Brava this morning.

The reason why our crew even decided to do the trip in the first place was because the ocean looked ideal for trips and because we usually manage to dodge the rain on the coastline efficiently by moving out onto the open ocean. For some time this worked very well, with our guests clad in waterproof clothing happily exchanging stories and singing as we cruised 4 nautical miles out from Madalena do Mar, an area where we often meet smaller species of dolphin.

After some time however, the rainfall along the coastline intensified and eventually became a grey curtain of water, obscuring our view onto the island and, unfortunately, our spotters view on the ocean. We continued for some time before the rain caught up with us and it was soon time to head back.

Our search ended with no sightings of cetaceans but I had a wonderful time with this truly charming group of guests on board and hope they will return to give the Atlantic ocean another chance.

By Paula Thake

Sightings of the day

Ribeira Brava

10:00 No sighting

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