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Gestern hatten wir keine Fahrt mit der “Ribeira Brava”, nur eine Spritztour mit der “Stenella”. Heute ging es dann wieder im Südwesten aufs Meer, die gemeinen Delfine, die wir trafen, waren gut gelaunt und zogen langsam ostwärts.

Delphinus delphis

Yesterday we didn’t have trips with our “Ribeira Brava”, only a test drive with our “Stenella”. Today we went out again in the southwest and the common dolphins, we meet, have been in a good mood.

Delphinus delphis

Ontem não houve viagem com a “Ribeira Brava”, só demos umas voltas com a “Stenella”. Hoje então saímos novamente no sudoeste da ilha e os golfinhos comuns, que encontramos, estavam bem dispostos.

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