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02.11.2017 – Hide, seek & follow

02.11.2017 – Hide, seek & follow

These children´s game you may also play on the ocean 😉 On today’s morning tour on board the Stenella, after leaving the Bottlenose dolphins, we played hide & seek with the whales. Close to shore the dolphins had amused us with high leaps and now we went far offshore. We had to go to three different spots until we found them. A Bryde’s whale mother and her calf with perhaps 8m were making circles around us and it was already late when we came back to the harbor. In the afternoon I guided the trip on the Ribeira Brava and as well here we came back later than usual. This time we played follow with the whales and till we reached them, they already had been heading far west. There were 3 Bryde’s whales with very different shaped fins and our captain even saw a 4th one.

by Claudia Gomes


Ribeira Brava

10:00 Bottlenose dolphins, Bryde’s whales

14:30 Bryde’s whales


10:00 Bottlenose dolphins, Bryde’s whales

15:00 Bryde’s whales

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