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02.09.2017 – Whalecome in September

02.09.2017 – Whalecome in September

For some days now, we are happy to observe almost daily Sperm whales. Majestically, they are blowing their breath-fountain, having a rest at the surface. Besides resting, they restore their oxigen supply and have time to socialize with others.

During their dives, they try to find delicacies in the deep like squid. Even though Sperm whales have big teeth in their lower jaws, they are sucktion feeders, means that they suck their prey into their big mouth. Before Sperm whales dive in the deep, they empty their lungs and also their digestive organs. So no disturbing gas remains in their body. The whales defecation at the surface is highly important for the growth of plancton (small organisms).

Adult Sperm whales eat (depending on their sex) about 500 – 1500 kg squid per day. So there can be a lot of excrements. Especially in areas with nutrients-poor waters, like in the tropics, this “pump” can be a significant parameter for the general marine foodweb in the upper layers of the ocean.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins

Ribeira Brava

15.00: Common dolphins and Spermwhales

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