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02.07.2017 – Dolphins, dolphins everywhere

02.07.2017 – Dolphins, dolphins everywhere

The Ribeira Brava was literally surrounded by curious Atlantic spotted dolphins during its afternoon trip today. The animals approached the boat as soon as we got near them and began bowriding along the waves and leaping playfully into the air, making our guests laugh in delight. One of the dolphins even did an impressive “triple-summersault-pirouette” (that’s probably the best way to describe that leap) which was luckily caught on camera by a few of our excited guests. It was a wonderful encounter and our seasoned captain, Sr. Luis, soon directed us to the next relatively big group of animals; the equally interactive Common dolphins. These animals were larger and their communicative squeaks underwater could be heard loud and clear from the boat as they leapt on either side of the bow. When both dolphin and guests are inquisitive, the day is always a fulfilling one.

by Paula Thake

Sightings of the day:

Ribeira Brava

13:30: Atlantic spotted dolphin, Common dolphin


15:30: Atlantic spotted dolphin, Common dolphin

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