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Tursiops truncatus

Heute sahen wir zwar wieder Tümmler, aber große, kräftige Tiere, die hier nur vorbeiziehen. Die erste Schule fraß gerade und die zweite Schule hat uns richtig begleitet und mit dem Boot gespielt.

Tursiops truncatus

Today we saw again bottlenose dolphins, but it were 2 different pods of strong and healthy dolphins, once that are passing by here on madeira island. The first pod was bussy with feeding and the second one played with us a lot.

Tursiops truncatus / Elisa

Hoje vimos dois grupos de roazes, animais grandes, fortes e saudáveis. Muito provável que eram roazes que são de passagem nas nossas aguas. Os primeiros estavam em alimentação e os segundos gustavam de brincar conosco e a nossa embarcação.

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