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02.03.2017 – In the nick of time…

02.03.2017 – In the nick of time…

Last day of the week before the NW wind arrives and we have managed to make at the last minute three trips starting from Calheta. As the day went by, we could observe how the weather was changing, nevertheless Mother Nature provided us with three species of dolphins in the morning trip (Bottlenose, Atlantic Spotted and Common dolphins). While observing the small group of Common dolphins, Sr. Luís as usual, with a hawk’s eye mentioned that he saw a blow of a whale further out and for some time while observing the dolphins, we were on the look out but with no more signs of the whale. In the afternoon, with high hopes of seeing something “big”, our spotter managed to spot the majestic animal. A Fin whale (Balaenoptera Physalus) yet again with two others of it’s kind, like in the last sighting on board STENELLA, a juvenil and a calf…

by Daniel Jardim

Todays sightings:

Ribeira Brava

10.00: Common dolphins, Spotted dolphins

14.30: Bottlenose dolphins, Spotted dolphin, Finn whale


15.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Spotted dolphins, Finn whale

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