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Like old school sailors we keep our daily trip journals & reports, feeding our blog on a daily basis with the best selection of photos and stories to tell, registering everything. Check out the amazing stories and photos we collect every day...


Spielen mit sich selbst und mit unserem Boot, schön zum Beobachten für uns: gemeine Delfine

Eine zusätzliche Information für alle, die sich bewußt und richtig mit Fisch ernähren wollen, Thema was wir heute mal wieder an Bord hatten: http://www.msc.org/where-to-buy und http://www.sustainablewaters.com/tuna-in-cans-love-them-but-whats-really-in-them/

Delphinus delphis

Playing with each other and interacting with our vessel, nice to observe for us: common dolphins

Some usefull aditional informations about what and where to buy fish, like I promised to some of our clients today on our trip: http://www.msc.org/where-to-buy and http://www.sustainablewaters.com/tuna-in-cans-love-them-but-whats-really-in-them/

Delphinus delphis

Brincando com sigo e interagir com a nossa embarcação, muito bonito para observar: golfinhos comums

Aqui algumas informações adicionais para quem quer comer peixe sem fazer mal aos golfinhos e ao ambiente, tema que abordamos com algumas pessoas hoje a bordo: http://www.msc.org/where-to-buy e http://www.sustainablewaters.com/tuna-in-cans-love-them-but-whats-really-in-them/

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