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Die neuen T-shirts sind nun endlich da, auch in schwarz mit gelber Schrift.

The new t-shirts are now available, as well in black with yellow letters.

As camisolas novas finalmente chegaram, também em preto com letras amarelas.

Neu sind auch die Kindergrößen und die ärmellosen Sommershirts.

New as well the sizes for children and the sleeveless summer-shirts.

Novo são também os tamanhos para crianças e as camisolas sem mangas.

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  1. Paul Abbiati
    October 3, 2011

    Vast shark sanctuary created in Pacific

    BBC Website – Monday 3rd October 2011

    “The Marshall Islands government has created the world’s largest shark sanctuary, covering nearly two million sq km (750,000 sq miles) of ocean.

    The Pacific republic will ban trade in shark products and commercial shark fishing throughout its waters.

    Tourism, including diving, is a staple of the Marshall Islands archipelago, which is home to just 68,000 people.

    Sharks and their near relatives such as rays are seriously threatened by issues such as habitat loss and fishing.

    About a third of ocean-going sharks are on the internationally-recognised Red List of Threatened Species.

    Shark protection measures are also likely to help marine biodiversity overall, as they restrict the rights of fishing vessels and require greater scrutiny of landings.

    However, with the Marshall Islands as with Palau and some other countries, there are questions over the capacity of authorities to monitor fully such huge expanses of ocean.”


    From Paul in Paul do Mar


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