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01.08.2017 – Whalecome in August

01.08.2017 – Whalecome in August

Today we jetted on a rapid speed from one to the next sighting. Carlos, Lobosonda spotter on land, had a selection of three marine mammal species for the afternoon tour. We started with the oceanic version of Bottlenose dolphins, which were travelling on a high speed. These ones are sturdy, powerful animals and live rather offshore. Stenella, our Zodiac had go faster a bit in order to keep up with them. Right afterwards, Carlos send us far to the east, direction Encumeada canyon. Whales ahead. Okay, on a boat like Stenella, this distance is not a problem, so we managed to arrive in time to observe two tropical whales surfacing for breathing. Probably the same individuals like we have seen before several times in the last days. A female with her calf. Seems to be good feeding conditions around here at the moment, even for the whales. Hopefully, this will remain for a longer time.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:


09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins (snorkeling trip)

15.30: Bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Tropical whales

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