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01.06.2017 – Welcome to June

01.06.2017 – Welcome to June

From today on, we are on our Lobosonda summer schedule, so we we left early for the first trip and came back after the third tour only at 19.30. At sea we were lucky with some special guests. This is a great aspect of our wonderful work. We never know whom we are going to meet out there. So today we could see from up close a “portuguese man of war”, which was caught (and some minutes later released) in a plastic container by Skipper Daniel. Some of our guests at the evening tour were presented with a sighting of a Blue Marlin, breaking through the surface, identified by Skipper Filipe. It was a short moment only – when the big fish jumped out of the water – that we could gasp a look on this magnificent and powerful creature. Besides this, we have seen many calves today and young animals of the Atlantic spotted dolphins and the Bottlenose dolphins. Also the female Pilot whales showed up with their tiny calves. On board we had a good match, many of our passengers were children which were fascinated and passionated observers during the sightings.

by Astrid Haas

Sightings of the day:

09.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Portugese-man-of-war

Ribeira Brava
13.30: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Pilotwhales, Loggerhead sea-turtle
17.00: Atlantic spotted dolphins, jumping Blue Marlin

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