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01.03.2016 – Whale in sight!

01.03.2016 – Whale in sight!

We started March in a good mood with a trip on board Stenella. After a short while we were in the middle of a group os Bottlenose dolphins that greeted us happily. We kept them company for a little while. Next we glided over the atlantic to a busy group of Common dolphins, they where having breakfast. Our guests had the time to observe their behavior and take some nice photos.

Then came the news: “Whale in sight”

And we saw at least two sperm whales traveling slowly in direction horizon. I had a feeling that there were more animals then just the two we saw, and I was right! Another two Sperm whales surfaced as our delight. We took our time to observe these beautiful animals, there behavior can be very interesting to watch.

We went back to the harbor with a happy feeling of mission completed, on our way we still managed to see a Portuguese Man of War.

by Oliver Hoppe

Todays sightings:


10.00: Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins, Sperm whales, Portuguese Mon of War


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